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BHSC Subscription Payment

Annual subscription

Please do NOT pay for Hunt ('BH') subscriptions or tickets using this page.

The BH Supporters' Club (BHSC) annual subscription is £15.00 for one person or £30.00 for a family.

If you wish to pay by post, please fill in a subscription form (available from the Home page Downloads area) and post it to the address given on the form. If you would like to pay by direct debit, a direct debit form can also be found in the Home page Downloads area. If you have any queries about payment, please contact the BHSC Treasurer (see the Contact page).

If you are an existing member, you can also pay online by: If you wish to pay by bank transfer (FPS/BACS), please contact the BHSC Treasurer who will give you the BHSC's bank account number and sort code and also a payment reference number that must be quoted with your bank transfer.

BHSC online payment

Existing members can renew their subscription online here using a credit card, debit card or PayPal by: You will be presented with an invitation to either log in to a PayPal account or (if you wish to pay by credit or debit card) 'Check Out as a Guest'

You will be asked to provide some further information.

When your payment is complete, the system will immediately email you a receipt. This is copied to the BHSC Treasurer.

BHSC Subscription
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